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Siliguri Durga Puja 2013 – Shaktigarh Sailendra Smriti Pathagar O Club – Pathagar Club

12 Oct , 2013  

Shaktigarh, Sailendra Smriti Pathagar O Club also known as Shaktigar Pathagar, Established in 1952 is not only confined with social service point of view but to also to achieve an outstanding force to maintain cultural heritage and tranquility of the inhabitants of this area.

Along with it, this club is also a leading organization for keeping green environment in terms of culture, sports and educational sphere with the constant and sustained efforts rendered by the members.

Durga Puja 2013,Rathkhola Sporting Club,Siliguri puja clubs

Siliguri Durga puja 2013 – Rathkhola Sporting Club – Theme mangaldeep

7 Oct , 2013  

Rathkhola Sporting Club will be celebrating its 48 years of Durga Puja this year and they named the theme ‘Mangaldeep’,i.e. pure, celestial lamp burning in the name of God.
The pandal is a huge shining ‘deep’ burning, told the Puja President, Subhaas Bhowal. Its like the people are praying to Goddess Durga to save us from misfortune.

At the entrance a huge ‘shivalinga’ along with the idol of Goddess Durga.

The pandal is being made of ply, jute, bamboo planks, ice-cream sticks, bamboo handicrafts, colored paper etc. The pandal has 5 ways for entrance and 4 ways for exit. 

Free parking lot will be provided by the club along with drinking water and first-aid arrangements and so on. Children will be provided with a card with their name, phone number and address in it if required.

The decoration is being done by the famous Shyamal Sarkar of Siliguri. The pandal is being surrounded with water on all sides for fire safety.